Why its Important for Your Renter’s to Have Renter’s Insurance

Nowadays more property management companies are requiring that residents carry personal liability coverage as a condition of their lease agreements. One reason why they are requiring it is simply because many renters do not choose to obtain it voluntarily. The question of whether to purchase various types of elective insurance is difficult for many because it is money spent on the unknown. This can be especially true of renters insurance. Although many people are long-term renters, many residents live in their properties temporarily and do not want to invest any additional funds in renters insurance. Overall, most renters don’t believe they need insurance. A survey conducted by Cambridge Reports, Inc, for the Insurance Information Institute found that fewer than 3 out of every 10 renters purchase renters insurance. So why should any resident invest in renters insurance and why is it important for you to require it?

Renters insurance provides a simple peace of mind when it comes to the resident’s valuables and personal liability. Nearly 75% of residents have no renters or liability insurance, and community owners often end up paying the price. Losses can be in the form of damages caused by fire, smoke, explosion, and in some instances, water.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you or one of your residents accidentally started a grease fire and it damages one or more of your units? Don’t think it can’t happen. The Wall Street Journal recently reported a fire that swept through an Austin, Texas apartment building leaving all the building’s units uninhabitable and 20 tenants without homes. Just this month an apartment fire in Detroit took the lives of a mother and her 3-year-old son. Investigators said the fire started on an electric stove. Catastrophes such as these could easily happen on your property and cause immeasurable damage.

Policies for renters insurance will cover your residents’ personal property in the event of a fire, theft, or other liability damages. The policy can also cover living expenses if there are forced to vacate their home because of damages due to a covered loss.

By encouraging your residents to obtain insurance you are informing them that they are the ones responsible for potential losses or personal liability. Explain to them that renters insurance is really the only security they have to replace their belongings in the event they are damaged or destroyed, and to protect their personal liability if others are accidentally injured in their home. Requiring renters insurance can ultimately offer peace of mind to both the property manager and the resident.

courtesy of www.joinAAOA.org

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