Help for Landlords in California | Online Tenant Screening for California

Online Tenant Screening for Calfornia property managers and landlords is the way to go. Prospective tenants and residents renewing their rental lease want to know immediately if they are approved.  Plus property managers and landlords have the right to immediately know if the prospective tenant or current resident is a qualified renter.  Thanks to the number of services providing online tenant screening, property managers and landlords are able to learn immediately the tenant screening results of an applicant.

The benefits to online tenant screening are endless.  The online tenant screening report comes back literally in seconds (I love this!) plus it is easy to read.   Another great feature of online tenant screening and online credit reports is the online tenant screening provider stores the tenant screening report (or criminal report, eviction report, telecheck report, etc.) on their website for you to review later.  Another great feature of online tenant screening websites is that they provide an instant decision, like TenantSelect for the American Apartment Owners Association.

TenantSelect has assisted me with countless online tenant screening for California applicants.

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