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Help for Landlords Nationwide
I am a member of a national apartment association as well as a local apartment association.  I find being a member of a national apartment association provides me with greater discounts and more general information about the industry.  My local apartment association provides great information for local laws.  I highly recommend joining both thereby saving money with a national apartment association and staying in touch with local issues with a nearby association.

Help for Landlords in Alabama
A wealth of information for Alabama landlords including Alabama Tenant Screening, Alabama Landlord Forms, Alabama Tenant Landlord Law, and more regarding Alabama rental properties.

Help for Landlords in Alaska
Links for Alaska property management including Alaska Landlord Forms, Alaska Debt Collection, Alaska Tenant Screening, and more for Alaska landlords.

Help for Landlords in Arizona
Arizona rental property owners and Arizona landlords will find information here on Arizona Rent Debt Collection Services, Arizona Apartment Associations, Arizona Tenant Screening Services, Arizona Landlord Tenant Laws, and more for Arizona property management assistance.

Help for Landlords in Arkansas
For property owners in Arkansas this link will provide Arkansas Landlord Forms, Arkansas Tenant Screening Services, Arkansas Debt Collection Assistance, Arkansas Apartment Associations and more for Arkansas landlords.

Help for Landlords in California
California Tenant Screening Services can be found here. In addition to California online tenant screening reports, there is information California Apartment Associations, California Landlord Associations, Explanations of a California Landlord and California Tenant, and US Department of Housing & Urban Development in California.

Help for Landlords in Colorado
Locate Colorado Apartment Associations, Colorado Tenant Screening Companies, Colorado Landlord Forms, Colorado Debt Collection Agencies, Colorado Landlord Tenant Laws, and more Colorado Landlord Help.

Help for Landlords in Connecticut
Click here for services for Connecticut Landlords and Connecticut Apartment Associations. You’ll find information on Connecticut Tenant Screening, Connecticut Debt Collection, Connecticut Landlord Forms, and more!

Help for Landlords in Delaware
Find Delaware Property Insurance, Delaware online tenant screening services and credit reports, Delaware Landlord Forms, and Delaware Landlord Laws. Plus Delaware Apartment Associations!

Help for Landlords in District of Columbia
The best resources for Washington DC Landlords and Property Managers: tenant screening, debt collection, landlord forms, criminal reports, credit reports, insurance quotes, news and apartment associations.

Help for Landlords in Florida
There are so many rental units in Florida; this link provides information for Florida Apartment Associations, Florida Rent Collection and Debt Collection services, you’ll also find Florida Landlord Forms, Florida Tenant Screening, and Florida properties for sale.

Help for Landlords in Georgia
Landlords in Georgia need forms, tenant screening, debt collection, apartment association membership, and other tools to assist with property management in Georgia. Click the above link for more Help for Landlords in Georgia.

Help for Landlords in Hawaii
If I could retire to Hawaii and become a landlord there, I would! I miss Maui, Kauai, and the rest of the islands. For those lucky landlords in Hawaii, click above for Hawaii Tenant Screening, Hawaii Debt Collection, Hawaii Landlord Forms, Hawaii Apartment Associations, and other landlord matters in Hawaii.

Help for Landlords in Idaho
Landlords in Idaho will benefit from the resources found here including Idaho Apartment Associations, Idaho Debt Collection Agencies, Idaho Tenant Screening, and Idaho Landlord Tenant Forms.

Help for Landlords in Illinois
There are plenty of tenants in Illinois. This will help Illinois Landlords locate Illinois Apartment Associations, Illinois Landlord Forms, Illinois Tenant Screening, and other Illinois landlord assistance.

Help for Landlords in Indiana
I’ve never been to Indiana but there are plenty of Indiana Tenant Screening, Indiana Debt Collection, Indiana Apartment Associations, and Indiana landlord help.

Help for Landlords in Iowa
Iowa Landlord Tenant Laws. Indiana Tenant Screening. Indiana Debt Collection. Indiana Apartment Associations. Indiana Landlord Forms. Help for Indiana Landlords. Find it here.

Help for Landlords in Kansas
Kansas Landlords can find assistance with locating a Kansas Apartment Association, Kansas Delinquent Rent Debt Collection Agencies, Kansas Landlord Forms, and Kansas Landlord Laws.

Help for Landlords in Kentucky
Kentucky Landlords need Kentucky tenant screening, Kentucky landlord forms, Kentucky Apartment Associations, and other tools like Kentucky Property Management Companies.

Help for Landlords in Louisiana
For the best crawdads and po-boys, go to New Orleans! But this site isn’t for food, its for helping landlords. Find Louisiana Debt Collection, Louisiana Apartment Associations, Louisiana Landlord Forms, Louisiana Tenant Screening and other landlord services.

Help for Landlords in Maine
What do all Maine landlords need? How about Maine Property Management Resources, Maine Tenant Screening, Maine Apartment Associations, Maine Landlord Help, Maine Landlord Forms, and Maine Landlord Blogs.

Help for Landlords in Maryland
These are just some of the helpful resources for Maryland Landlords: Maryland Apartment Associations, Maryland Debt Collection Services, Maryland Tenant Screening Online, Maryland Insurance Quotes, HUD for Maryland and Maryland Apartment News.

Help for Landlords in Massachusetts
Boston clam chowder is way more tasty than any landlord assistance in Massachusetts. I think I need to do a food blog next! Click here for Massachusetts Tenant Screening, Boston Tenant Screening, Massachusetts Landlord Forms, Massachusetts News and more.

Help for Landlords in Michigan
Landlords in Michigan, like any other state, require resources to properly manage their properties including: Michigan Apartment Associations, Michigan Tenant Screening, Michigan Landlord Forms, Michigan Landlord Blogs, Michigan Debt Collection, Michigan Property Resources.

Help for Landlords in Minnesota
Everything Minnesota. Minnesota Debt Collection Agencies. Minnesota Apartment Associations. Minnesota Landlord Forms. Minnesota Property Management Companies. Minnesota Blogs. Everything for Minnesota Landlords.

Help for Landlords in Mississippi
Plenty of links for Mississippi Landlords needing to locate and find Mississippi Tenant Screening, Mississippi Landlord Forms, Mississippi Apartment Associations, Mississippi Debt Collection, Mississippi Real Estate Agents, Mississippi Insurance needs, Mississippi Landlord news and much more!

Help for Landlords in Missouri
Landlords in Missouri always need Missouri Apartment Associations, Missouri Apartment Associations, Missouri Landlord Forms, and other Missouri Landlord Tenant matters to assist with their properties.

Help for Landlords in Montana
Montana Landlord Assistance includes Montana Tenant Screening, Montana Apartment Associations, Montana Landlord Forms, Landlord Tenant Laws in Montana, Montana Landlord Blogs, and more.

Help for Landlords in Nebraska
Listings of Nebraska Debt Collection Agencies, Nebraska Tenant Screening Providers, Nebraska Apartment Associations, Nebraska Landlord Forms, and more for the Nebraska Property Manager.

Help for Landlords in Nevada
Nevada Tenant Screening is just one of the options that can be found here. I’ve also provided links for Nevada Debt Collection Agencies, Nevada Landlord Forms, Nevada Real Estate Listings, Nevada Apartment Associations, and many other Nevada Landlord and Property Management links.

Help for Landlords in New Hampshire
Landlords of New Hampshire will get the information they need to locate New Hampshire Apartment Associations, New Hampshire Tenant Screening Services Online, New Hampshire Debt Collection Agencies, New Hampshire Landlord News and other New Hampshire Real Estate assistance needs.

Help for Landlords in New Jersey
Property Management Companies in New Jersey is just one of the services found here. I’ve also provided information for New Jersey Tenant Screening, New Jersey Debt Collection, New Jersey Landlord Forms, New Jersey Apartment Associations and New Jersey Landlord and Property Management News, Blogs, and more.

Help for Landlords in New Mexico
New Mexico Landlords are no different than California Landlords or New York Property Managers, they need the same services like New Mexico Tenant Screening Services, New Mexico Landlord Forms, the option to join a New Mexico Apartment Association, and other New Mexico real estate needs.

Help for Landlords in New York
The big apple has a wealth of resources for landlord property management needs. Here you’ll find New York Apartment Associations through out New York and New York City. I’ve also compiled New York Tenant Screening providers, New York Debt Collection Agencies, New York Landlord Tenant Laws, New York Landlord Forms, and more!

Help for Landlords in North Carolina
I’ve been to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and they are gorgeous! Like other states, North Carolina Landlords need North Carolina property management services like North Carolina Tenant Screening, North Carolina Debt Collection Services, North Carolina Apartment Associations, North Carolina Landlord Forms, and other needs for real estate agents, landlords and others in North Carolina.

Help for Landlords in North Dakota
Property Mangers, Landlords, Real Estate Brokers and others require services in North Dakota. Here I have links for North Dakota Landlord Forms, North Dakota Debt Collection, North Dakota Tenant Screening, North Dakota Apartment Associations, and other North Dakota Landlord resources.

Help for Landlords in Ohio
Some Ohio Landlords don’t require help. This is for those Ohio Landlords that do. Click above for Ohio Landlord Forms, Ohio Tenant Screening, Ohio Debt Collection, and Ohio Apartment Associations.

Help for Landlords in Oklahoma
Oklahoma Apartment Associations is just one of the resources a Oklahoma Landlord should utilize. In addition to apartment associations I recommend Oklahoma Tenant Screening, Oklahoma Landlord Forms, Oklahoma Debt Collection, Oklahoman Landlord News, events, and more.

Help for Landlords in Oregon
Oregon Landlords can take advantage of these specialists like Oregon Landlord Forms, Oregon Debt Collection Agencies, Oregon Apartment Associations, Oregon Tenant Screening, Oregon Landlord News, and more.

Help for Landlords in Pennsylvania
Landlords in Pennsylvania will love these links for Pennsylvania Tenant Screening, Pennsylvania Landlord Forms, Pennsylvania Debt Collection, Pennsylvania Real Estate Resources, and Pennsylvania Landlord Blog.

Help for Landlords in Rhode Island
Rhode Island Landlords can use the resources for the other states here as many tenant screening providers and debt collection agencies can provide services nationwide. However, many landlords prefer to go local with Rhode Island Apartment Associations, Rhode Island Landlord Forms, Rhode Island Property Management News, and other Rhode Island resources.

Help for Landlords in South Carolina
These resources are for South Carolina Landlords and include South Carolina Apartment Associations, South Carolina Landlord Forms, South Carolina Tenant Screening providers, South Carolina Landlord blogs, and more.

Help for Landlords in South Dakota
South Dakota offers plenty of South Dakota Apartment Associations, South Dakota Tenant Screening providers, South Dakota Landlord Forms, and South Dakota News sites and Blogs to select from.

Help for Landlords in Tennessee
I’ve searched the web to provide the most useful links for Tennessee Landlord needs such as Tennessee Landlord Forms, Tennessee Apartment Associations, Tennessee Tenant Screening, Tennessee Landlord Blogs, and Tennessee Tenant Landlord laws.

Help for Landlords in Texas
They say everything in Texas is big. Here are big resources, links, and websites for Texas Landlords who need Texas Landlord Forms, Texas Apartment Associations, Texas Debt Collection Services, Texas Landlord Blogs, and Texas Landlord Tenant laws.

Help for Landlords in Utah
Utah landlords have property management needs like any other landlord throughout the United States which include Utah Debt Collection Agencies, Utah Tenant Screening, Utah Apartment Associations, and Utah Real Estate Agents.

Help for Landlords in Vermont
For landlords in Vermont these companies will be invaluable resources for Vermont Landlord Forms, Vermont Tenant Screening, Vermont Apartment Associations, Vermont Debt Collection, Vermont Landlord News, and Vermont Landlord Tenant Laws.

Help for Landlords in Virginia
Virginia Landlords will definitely want to review the Virginia Apartment Associations, Virginia Landlord Forms, Virginia Real Estate News and Virginia Landlord Resources found here.

Help for Landlords in Washington
I’ve compiled the best websites for Washington Landlords in need of Washington Apartment Associations, Washington Landlord Forms, Washington Tenant Screening, Washington Debt Collection, Washington Real Estate Agents, and other Washington Landlord resources.

Help for Landlords in West Virginia
West Virginia has many landlords and property managers. That’s why West Virginia also has West Virginia Tenant Screening providers, West Virginia Debt Collection Agencies specializing in delinquent rent collection, West Virginia Landforms for renting to West Virginia tenants and other West Virginia Landlord help.

Help for Landlords in Wisconsin
When renting a unit in Wisconsin you’ll want to utilize resources to assist you with the rental process. For example Wisconsin Tenant Screening services can be found online in addition to Wisconsin Debt Collection Agencies, Wisconsin Apartment Associations, Wisconsin Real Estate guides, and Wisconsin Tenant Landlord laws.

Help for Landlords in Wyoming
Wyoming tenants contact Wyoming Landlords to rent units. When this happens Wyoming Landlords need these resources to assist them: Wyoming Tenant Screening, Wyoming Apartment Associations, Wyoming Landlord Forms, and other websites that provide resources like Wyoming Landlord News and Blogs.



When renting out property, there are many different laws that apply to how you manage that property and your tenats Many of these laws vary from state to state, although they are often very similar

When renting out property, there are many different laws that apply to how you manage that property and your tenats. Many of these laws vary from state to state, although they are often very similar. Here are some common questions and answers, specific to California, that you may have as a Landlord.

Under What Circumstances Can a Landlord Utilize a Tenant?s Security Deposit?

The security deposit, determined at the time the unit is rented, may be utilized for several different circumstances. The funds can be utilized to compensate for rent which remains unpaid; damages to the property caused by the tenant may be covered with the deposit money, as long as it does not include ordinary wear and tear; the cleaning of the unit may be deducted from the security deposit upon termination of the tenancy, but this may only be done to the extent of returning the unit to the same condition as when it was rented; and the deposit may also be used to replace any property belonging in the unit which was damaged or the tenant may have taken with them upon moving.

It is also important to note that with the exception of a few local ordinances, the landlord is not required under California law to pay interest on the security deposit when it is returned to the tenant.

When May a Landlord Enter a Unit?

Generally, a landlord must give the tenant proper notice before entering the unit unannounced, attempting to set up a convenient time for a repairs or inspection. However, there are some situations where this rule does not apply. According to the California Civil Code Section 1951.3, if the rent remains unpaid for 14 consecutive days and the landlord believes the unit to be abandoned, a Notice of Belief of Abandonment must be sent to the tenant. If the tenant does not respond, the landlord has every right to inspect the property. Upon entering the unit, the landlord should make note if there are still personal belongings there, if food appears to be fresh, if the electricity and/or telephone services remain active, or if the unit appears to have been vacated. If the unit indeed appears to be abandoned, the landlord has the right to prepare it for a new tenant Additionally, if the tenant remains unresponsive to repeated entry requests, a landlord may enter the unit at any reasonable time (in California during normal business hours) and in a peaceful manner to handle suspected issues within the unit. The landlord may also enter at any time during an emergency situation, such as a gas leak, fire or damage occurring in the unit like a leaking sink or water heater unattended. However, at no time should a landlord enter a unit if the tenant is home and stating the landlord is to stay out. If the landlord suspects foul play or immediate danger, he or she should immediately contact the proper authorities to gain entry.

How Should a Landlord Legally Evict a Tenant?

Tenants may be evicted for a number of reasons, but the property procedures must be followed. Some events, which may cause an eviction, are: nonpayment of rent, lease violations, obvious and purposeful damage, unlawful acts within or upon the premises, and interference with other tenants. Under any of these situations, a three-day notice is all that is necessary to remove the tenants from the unit. The notice must give complete contact information for paying overdue rent; times in which the landlord may be contacted to receive the rent in person; or another location and hours where the rent may be dropped off. If other circumstances apply, such as unlawful acts or severe damage, the problems should be listed in writing within the notice. Any notice must be given to the tenant personally at home or work, or if the tenant cannot be located, mailed to the home address. Notice may also be personally given to anyone at the residence or place of business over the age of eighteen. The notice may also be tacked on the front door of the rental unit as well as mailed as detailed in the Code of Civil Procedure Sections 1161(2)-(4).

Should an eviction be necessary under a month-to-month rental agreement, the landlord only has to serve a written 30 or 60-day notice. This notice does not have to state the eviction reasons. However, an eviction can never be for discriminatory reasons or in retaliation of some sort. A tenant who has been in the unit for only a year or less does not require more than a 30-day notice, but tenants who have resided there longer need to receive a 60-day notice.

If the tenant refuses to move after these proper procedures for eviction have been followed, the landlord should file an unlawful detainer lawsuit in superior court. As a landlord, this process must be followed, as lockout and physically attempting to remove the tenant without proper court guidance, is not legal.

As a Landlord, How Much Notice Do I Have to Give to Raise the Rent?

If you wish to raise your tenant(s)? rent less than 10% of their current rent, a 30-day notice is sufficient. If the rent is to be raised by 10% or more, then a 60-day notice is required. Before making any type of rent increase, be certain that the building you own is not in a rent-controlled area. If the building is not rent controlled, then theoretically, you can raise the rent to any amount you like, but it is wise to keep in mind that raising it to outrageous amounts for the area may cause you to lose tenants and income. Also, you may not violate conditions of a signed lease during the leasing period regarding rental payments unless a notification of increase provision was included. These provisions are set forth in Civil Code Section 8.27.

In some cities in California where rent control is in effect, the landlord is not allowed to raise the rent more than 5% per year with an additional 1% for electric costs and 1% for gas costs if those are included in the rent payment.

Can I, as a Landlord, Limit or Restrict Pets?

Generally, a no pets rule is perfectly legal. However, as a landlord, you should be careful about service animals. If a disabled person is fully capable of renting one of your units and the layout of the unit does not restrict their use of the same, a service animal should be permitted or you may find a discrimination issue if refusing to rent to them. Also, usually fish or contained pets not hampering or damaging the premises can be allowed, even in the event of a no pets rule. This does not include contained exotic pets. If you do allow pets in your units, the lease or rental agreement should list each pet, and no new or replacement pets should be allowed without your approval. All tenants should be responsible for cleaning up after their pets and accepting responsibility for any damage their pets might cause, or the problems should be noted and the tenant charged for the same.

As a Landlord, How Much Discretion Can I Use in Deciding Who to Rent To?

Naturally, you may use your own personal judgment in choosing a tenant, but you cannot discriminate in any way against religion, group affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, gender, nationality, race, color, medical issues or suspected connections to persons within these groups. Additionally, once you do rent to various individuals, you are not allowed to hold up rules for one tenant that other tenants do not have to comply with based on any of these discriminatory areas.

You are always within your rights to select tenants based on their reference checks, work history, and even credit report. It is always a good idea to perform a credit check on potential tenants to avoid non-payment problems in the future. You may also refuse to rent to someone who insists on having animals if none are allowed in the building and the lease/agreement states the same.

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