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California tenant screening resources can be found here.  I personally am a member of the American Apartment Owners Association and found them to be invaluable in assisting me with my California tenant screening needs.  I was previously a member of TenantAlert, but they did not provide the association benefits I was seeking such as landlord forms.  The tenant screening reports offered by are great, but I wanted to join an apartment association.  If you do not need the services of an apartment association, I highly recommend

California Landlords can access tenant screening services with the American Apartment Owners Association
Instantly and immediately access tenant screening reports, criminal reports, eviction and Telecheck reports. You can even register as a free member and get access to tenant screening reports without being underwritten. Register and pull a tenant screening report within 5 minutes! provides tenant screening services to California landlords
With an instant credit decision provided for all registrants, is a great resource for tenant screening services like credit, criminal, eviction, and more.

Tenant Screening Reports for California Landlords and Property Managers
Important information about accessing tenant screening reports for landlords in California.

Online Tenant Screening for California
Why online tenant screening is important.

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