Collect Delinquent Rent

Collecting delinquent rents can be a difficult and discouraging chore. Allowing a tenant to get away without paying is even worse. Once a tenant has skipped out or been evicted for back rent, you must take the extra step and aggressively pursue him. Not only are they essentially steeling from you but if you let it go, they will go on and cheat another landlord. We are all in this together and need to keep each other informed of bad tenants. Reporting to the Tenant Registry and the major credit bureaus puts all of us on notice that a bad tenant is out there and we should not rent to him.

Rent Recovery Service ( provides an online collection service that will take your past due rent accounts on a flat fee or contingency fee basis. The flat fee basis is very inexpensive and completely automated. The contingency fee based method is more aggressive and open-ended. Either method is effective and ultimately brings the money back to where it belongs…your bottom line!

In today’s uncertain economy landlords and property management companies can ill afford to lose money and let tenants get away with living in your building for free. Take charge and take back what is rightfully yours.

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