Landlord Quick Tips

Stick to the Script!

Ever call up your applicant’s previous landlord, then hurry through the call because you didn’t know what to ask? Well, you are not alone!

Having a script can help you get the information you need.

Here are some questions that other landlords ask:


Is this a good time to talk, or should we reschedule when you have more time?

Did the tenant pay their rent on time, every time?

Did the tenant give you notice they were leaving? Are they leaving prior to the lease expiring?

Did neighbors or anyone complain about this tenant?

Did you ever have to warn the tenant about behavior?

Was the unit/property in good condition when they left?

Did you return all of the deposit?


Why did they leave?

Did they have a pet? Did you know they had a pet? Was the pet disruptive?

What type of unit did they rent? How much did they pay?

Did they pay by check?

It is a good practice to ask the same questions of each landlord reference, for each applicant. Create a checklist with the questions, and jot down the answers. Place the completed sheet in the tenant file.

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